Parkside is an externally (outreach) focused church with a mission of engaging in the life of the community through service.  We believe the message of the gospel takes on a life of its own as we join God at work in the community through service.  The following are characteristics of an externally focused church.

Missions are a broader extension of our local outreach to the community.  We believe that we are called to serve the marginalized and under resourced in our local and global communities simultaneously.  We have been given a charge to take the love message (the gospel of Jesus Christ, Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19, 20) throughout the world.  We promote a relational evangelism approach to reaching the world with the gospel.  In other words, we build relations and trust through services i.e. providing food for the hungry, medical aid to the underprivileged, school fees and uniforms to the children, and building things within the community. Jesus often served their physical needs before meeting their spiritual needs.

Battered Women's Shelter
Burlington Area Council of Churches
Burlington Homeless Shelter
Hope Haven
outh East Iowa Community  Action
Home Plate Food Backpacks
Parkside's Food Pantry
Deacon & Deaconess Community Fund
International Team - G Heckenberg                            
USA Missions Emergencies
Glen Chapman 
Gary DeGraaf (GEM) 
World Missions Emergencies 
White Cross-Sunday School   
UMB (United Missions)         
ABC Regional                
Denominational Mission Emegencies 
America for Christ
One Great Hour of Sharing
World Missions

MIssion Education                                               
Parkside Mission Sending 
Haiti Missions Trip

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